Comments from sailing fest crew

We visited various islands, meet crazy people, laughing, snorkeling, watching the stars, barbecue on the beach, drinking wine in the tavern, swimming, sailing, sunbathing on the deck…One thing is certain – sailing is for hedonists!
Marko, August 2017

You are awaken by the sound waves and gently swaying of the boat. By the first rays of the sun you go out and dive into the turquoise waters. You are enjoying the view on your “own” beach and the silent which is only broken by the bells of the church on the island next to which you are anchored.
Sandra, September 2017

The first impression you are entering the boot, it looks much smaller than you have imagined, but after the first day everyone finds its place and you have the feeling, you was born on the boot. In any case, whatever apartment you live on the ground, when you return from a boat, you’ll have the impression that it is unnecessary huge. And now, some experience from my sailing trips…After a breakfast there is a cruise to the next Greek island. While swimming in uncharted blue of the bay and relaxing with the smooth music, drinking cocktails you will feel like a star….. At the evening, the smell of preparation of the fresh fish, which was bought on a nearby market in the morning, will delighted you in the royal banquet. Watching the sunset with white wine and olive trees, listening the Greek music, raising a glass of ouzo, the night begins and ends with a lot of laughter and dance in one of the island’s clubs late at night. Priceless experience!
Alex, July 2016


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