About sailing fest

Just imagine this: Monday morning, but you are not at work… Where are you? On haven? No! You can feel that your bed is moving and a little bit of sun is in your cabin, you can smell a salt in the air… It’s about 10 AM. Suddenly, you’re realizing that you are on the boat! And you’re not alone, all your best buddies are sailing with you. And then you start remembering… Yup! It was a crazy party on the boat last night. And the pretty girl from next boat is sleeping next to you! Wouu! Life is great! You’re leaving your cabin quietly cause you don’t want to wake her up. She had an exciting night with you too, doesn’t she? 😉 All your crew is already up, waiting for you on a deck. Tasty breakfast is ready, and the boat is sailing to Navajo beach on Zakynthos island. You are taking a cold beer and a big breath – this is going to be another good day on the sailing boat! Yeah, sailing is great!

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